Tips and secrets you should know before going to the gym

Tips and secrets you should know before going to the gym

Tips and secrets you should know before going to the gym

Gym become a vital part of life in the recent period to maintain the body of the athlete if you are a newbie and you want to build muscle or you are persistently on it, you should stop a little to read this article
Before you start going to gym, you must first test your health before starting a bodybuilding program because you need a healthy heart, healthy kidneys and healthy liver to build proteins in the form of muscle cells. Therefore, cholesterol levels should measure. In the blood as well as high and low-density lipoproteins and conduct, the following analyzes:
 Functions of the liver of the functions of the total male and prostate functions As for the choices to start the practice is to go to the gym or what is known as the return and go must be appropriate in the monthly expenses and have all the tools and equipment required and clean the place and feel comfortable
But if you want to exercise in your home and this is what most of them do, and of course its advantages are not entranced fees and you can move from one exercise to another without rest and the disadvantage is that you have no one to encourage or guide you

There are two types of exercise

Type I

 Strengthening the muscles by increasing the count for weights is not too heavy

Type II

Increase and increase the muscles by increasing the weights each time with a lower count some trainees preferred to combine the two so as not to get used to the type of exercise when going for the first time gym advised not to lift weights for the first week
 Only exercise light gym such as pressure and acupuncture and some other Swedish exercises In addition to abdominal exercises for the first week so as not to cause large muscle injuries may lose your determination in the continuation and prevent you from 
following up your normal daily activity for several days
Tips and secrets you should know before going to the gym

Nutrition for the trainee

 The trainee needs a diet and calories when he goes to the gym that is completely different from what the average person needs to build his muscles. He needs the energy to support his normal activity and his athletic activity so that he can build his muscles and dissolve the fat too.
Therefore, the ratios of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats vary as appropriate

When you go to the gym, you must take care of healthy meals

Important meals for gym practitioners

 The athlete needs 5 to 7 meals a day, or if he wants a full physical nutrition system every two hours, so he can go to the Gym actively, but there is some research that denies the effectiveness of many meals.

The excitement and haunting of the muscle during the gym,
However, real growth occurs during rest and sleep
Tips and secrets you should know before going to the gym
Moreover, rest and sleep does not give the muscle the opportunity to grow and prefer to sleep at night for at least 8 hours finally, a summary of what said to eat well and can be used supplements, and many do not rush Muscle building may require you to go to gyms months to 3 months

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