The concept of Beauty among philosophers

The concept of Beauty among philosophers

The concept of Beauty among philosophers

Definition of Beauty

 Beauty is a Greek origin, meant by the science of sensation or the recognition of things through the senses, also in the name of the philosophy of art, and Herbert Beauty defined as the unit of formal relations between the things that our senses understand, and the beautiful definitions of Beauty. Everywhere, and Old Beauty was one of the branches of philosophy, until the philosopher came Baumgarten, the difference between the science of Beauty and the rest of knowledge

History of Beauty Science

The ancient philosophy of Beauty has linked to the theories of the universe and divinity, but it has approached the theories of knowledge and ethics throughout history
 The philosophy of art and beauty originated with the emergence of philosophy with its ancient philosophers of Greece, and it is inseparable from it.
 It derives its origins from the philosophical doctrines. Beauty is modern science. It emerged after a long history of philosophical contemplative thought. The Greeks knew him for himself, but they cared about him in terms of his goodness and truth

Theories of Beauty

 Pythagorean theory in the concept of Beauty
 The Pythagorean philosophy distinguishes between the level of existence and the reasonable existence, and the level of tangible existence, and says the two breaths and the body, and the meetings often, examples of good and evil; that they formulated philosophical ideas in mathematical form
The concept of Beauty among philosophers

Beauty theory at Georgias

 Georgia's theory is based on the role of artistic beauty, which affects the human sense. The arts provide the human soul with sensual pleasure because of its idea based on illusion and is independent of the truth. For example, the myth of Pygmalion, who hated women, made an ivory statue of a beautiful woman, Georgias said that it was impossible to prove existence and non-existence; he ended his denial of existence to his denial of knowledge of the truth

Beauty theory at Socrates

 Beauty does not care about the beauty of the soul and morality; Beauty is the one that benefits the moral benefit and serves human life. It considered a beauty link to the sensual pleasure theory of moral disintegration and artistic deterioration. The judgment of Beauty is due to the rational self and the inner conscience

Beauty theory at Plato

 Beauty can sum up by Plato as associating him with divine love, because the subject of love is beauty itself, and he sees that the arts take their beauty from their simulations of nature, although this simulation is incomplete as an attempt to reach the ideal world

A beauty perspective is constantly changing because of factors such as culture, religion, attractiveness, social norms and marketing, and long discriminated against by one of these factors
The concept of Beauty among philosophers
Usually determined by the majority or power holders, who feel that their appearance is unattractive and seek to change their appearance in many ways. Be serious

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