Learn more about the useful gym exercises

Learn more about the useful gym exercises

Learn more about the useful gym exercises

Gym exercises

The gym plays require the harmony of the muscles of the body so that it becomes huge after the trainee compared to other people
In addition, the gym has many benefits, as varied exercises, and in this article, we will talk about the benefits of the gym and the most important exercises by people who practice in detail

Benefits of playing the gym

 To play the gym many of the benefits that the player touches in the end, including:
 Amplify the muscles of the human body and increase its size
 Strengthen the muscles of the body
 Increase body bearing capacity
 Increase flexibility of muscles and joints
 The consistency of body shape and the improvement of body
Strengthening the cardiovascular system, where large quantities of blood flow with each contraction of the various muscles
 Reduce the incidence of various diseases, especially heart disease such as coronary artery disease
Increase the efficiency and strength of the lungs and breathing
 Increase the proportion of the body muscles at the expense of fat. Increased metabolic rate Control the weight and prevent its increase
 Create and strengthen the body for other sports more easily. Improve the mood of the player
 Dispose of various mental disorders such as stress and anxiety
 Enjoy the vitality and energy
 Appearance signs of aging on the face of the iron player.
Exercise and exercise can increase gravity
 Increase self-confidence
 Discipline and commitment
Learn more about the useful gym exercises

Gym exercises

The various gym exercises vary, notably the following:
Include holding the bar with the removal of the hands more than the distance between the shoulders, and reverse hands, one of them to the outside and the other towards the body, and get down in the position squatting with the inspiration, and then rise and exhale output

Also includes the gym

 Side exercise and bending forward where the head trained on the shoulder muscles

The relationship of the gym with a squat workout

 It involves standing under the bar and adjusting it to the muscle at the top of the back, holding the bar in the hands and adjusting the stand, where it must be straight

Lift the bar and step back a step

avoid the forward direction so that the muscles do not get tired, standing balance with the legs apart, Breathe deeply, rise and exhale while keeping the back curved so that it touches the earth heels, with no standing on the fingertips


The gym, which appeared in the late 19th century, and until the person joins it must be consistent in the muscles of his body; until he starts to amplify the muscles of his body and increase its size to be prominent compared to ordinary people
Learn more about the useful gym exercises
compared to other people who play the gym based on A group of things related to muscle density and clarity and identification, in addition to the color of the skin, so we talked in this article about the most important benefits of this sport at the level of health or physical as well as psychological

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