Learn more about Beauty

Learn more about Beauty

Learn more about Beauty

Concept of Beauty

 Beauty is complex and unlimited, and Beauty can define superficially as pleasing the eye when you see something. Beauty is about us in everything.

A kind art awakens the astonishment

Feelings and deepest feelings of humanity within us Beauty divided into two types: Beauty and Beauty, The inner beauty are what a person thinks about himself. When he is confident, he increases his inner beauty
However, if he is not confident, his beauty is less, and the external beauty is the one who changes his definition according to the current fashion, which changes all the time according to the opinion of the people. Therefore, it is hard to live up to the standards of fashion, and we will learn in this article on these two concepts

Beauty Interior

 People seeing these days as celebrities
In addition, the owners of the ideal images who have made the concept of Beauty diminish in appearance, but the appearance of the thing is not enough to express its beauty, there is beauty emanating from the spirit, which appears in the personality and feelings
The beautiful person is the one who leaves a smile on the face when remembering, and brings pride to the side, and can call Beauty on the experiences and experiences in life, such as:
 The moment of birth of a child, the strong emotion among the lovers, and the feelings of consolation among the people when Aziz lost, and anything touching the heart, and to develop inner beauty can follow the following

The pursuit of wisdom

 When trying to live with the commitment to the principles of wisdom, Beauty can be enhanced by meditating and thinking about our actions, where you can learn a lot by thinking only, writing a diary, enjoying the beauty of the landscape, and reading the books of the wise
 Poets and novelists Reading helps to acquire knowledge and makes its owner able to express his thoughts. The pursuit of wisdom is a continuous process; there is always something new to learn, where the ideas of people with vast experience can listen carefully

To learn generosity:

 The donation is not just money or property. You can also give time, such as sharing food with friends, visiting a relative, visiting neighbors, or buying a gift
Learn more about Beauty
 This is to say what we want to say really and in a polite way, to live according to the principles we believe in, and not to pretend to others for the sake of benefit, but prefer to pay attention when dealing frankly, by estimating the right time to speak

Eliminate negative emotions

 Feelings generally tell us what we love and what we do not love so it is important, but we must get rid of the negative feelings instead of carrying them inside us for a long time; because it hurts those who carry them, and must learn to control emotions also


 Beauty Body does not need to get a beautiful body jogging for ten miles a day, but needs attention to what enters his food and his work, and here are some tips to maintain a beautiful body:
 Exercise: Exercising for 30 minutes three times a week will give beauty results to the body and increase the sense of well being. Examples of exercise include yoga, swimming, and walking

Healthy food for Beauty

Learn more about Beauty
 It is important to follow a healthy diet; to maintain the body from the inside, and to appear well from the outside, where it recommended eating three meals balanced daily, and careful to eat vegetables and fruits, and many people skip eating their meals when they want to lose weight because it leaves them tired and hungry

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