How to increase the beauty of your face

How to increase the beauty of your face

How to increase the beauty of your face

The beauty of the face

 All human beings in different parts of the world seek a beautiful skin, a vibrant and healthy vitality, but the most human being is Beauty
 Beauty is an important part of her life because she shows up on her face when she takes care of herself, so she uses many natural recipes to ensure that Beauty keeps her skin

Ways to Increase Facial Beauty

Aesthetic findings

Cleansing the skin

 The skin is exposed daily too many dirt so that the individual can maintain the beauty must be cleaned continuously to show its beauty

Peeling skin

 It removes the dead cells on the pancreas until they become brighter

Moisturizing the skin

 Moisturizers keep the face moist; keep it from signs of aging

Healthy Food Almonds

 The almond contains vitamin H
 Which protect the skin from the sun?
Which ensure her natural beauty?


Carrots contain vitamin that works to strengthen the look and purify the skin from pimples
How to increase the beauty of your face

Flax seeds

 Flaxseeds play an important role in clearing the face of signs of aging because it contains omega-3 acids that make the skin constantly moist and more beautiful

Increase facial beauty

Many people prefer beauty, especially for women who are often interested in beauty, but skin may sometimes be exposed to problems or external influences that affect the beauty of the face of women
So resort to expensive beauty salons so we will mention in this article some natural mixtures, which help to increase facial beauty in easy, safe, and inexpensive ways

To reach the most beautiful fresh skin must:

Natural mixtures to get rid of facial wrinkles

Coconut milk

You can use natural coconut milk to eliminate the annoying facial wrinkles and show beauty by cutting a bead of coconuts and its age well, to extract their juice, apply milk on the face, with a good message for five minutes, and leave it for at least ten minutes, until Completely dry, then wash face with lukewarm water


Avocado is a vegetable that contributes to the increase of facial beauty and removes wrinkles
How to increase the beauty of your face
and can be used by cutting a piece of avocado into small circles, applying it to the skin, rubbing gently for about ten minutes, then washing the skin with lukewarm water and soap, Dead skin cells and the formation of new cells are pure and beautiful

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