How to get fitness

How to get fitness

How to get fitness

Body fitnessPreparing for fitness begins with the following:

 The body and soul must design with the intent to exercise fitness by changing some simple daily details, for example
 Riding bike instead of a car when going to school or visiting someone
 Such as stopping the bus ahead of the house at a certain distance and walking the rest of the road, or climbing the stairs on foot rather than using the electric elevator

 Exercise increases the heart

 Make sure to go to the aerobic fitness that increases the heart rate and increases the difficulty of breathing.
 These exercises increase the level of fitness
 Improve the performance of the heart and lungs, and burn fat in the body.
 Examples of aerobic activities are basketball, running, swimming

 Exercise warm-up exercises

 It is possible to practice some warm-up exercises and stretching exercises before exercising any fitness to protect the muscles from exposure to any injury and to maintain the flexibility of muscles and joints
With some movements of expansion after the completion of the exercise to relax the muscles
How to get fitness

Follow new health habits
To ensure fitness, follow these habits:

 Stop eating pans fats, processed foods
 Moreover, replace them with foods that contain higher amounts of protein
 Eat slightly fewer calories than burning
 Drink four and a half liters of water daily
Exercise a simple fitness for thirty minutes, three times a week every two days
 Exercise training for thirty minutes three times a week on a two-day basis
Sleep for at least eight hours a day
 Bring positive people to enjoy the fitness exercise and motivate the person to continue doing so

Change in a routine it is important when you begin to exercise fitness, identify the appropriate exercise

Appropriate to the nature of the body
 Which exhaust the body?
 In addition, feel the pleasure of the person, not to mention the importance of creating an atmosphere of pleasure and activity in the exercise room, for example:
 The music can be played to exercise and to feel the enjoyment of the exercise, and it is worth mentioning here the importance of diversification in fitness and change every period to break the boredom

Get proper nutrition for fitness

 The practice of fitness, eating healthy food is one of the most important things that enable one to get a good level of fitness; a healthy diet will provide the energy necessary to exercise fitness that may be cumbersome
How to get fitness
As guaranteed to drink enough water to maintain the level of moisture in the body, Drink large amounts, or a few glasses of water before, after, during fitness, or any athletic activity

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