How did you become Makeup Artist by simple steps?

How did you become Makeup Artist by simple steps?

How did you become Makeup Artist by simple steps?

There are several ways to learn make-up even if the basics of make-up one, but the cries of make-up renewed every season, which prompts us to learn the modern methods of makeup to keep pace with fashion
 As well as the discovery of new techniques in make-up

With the spread of social media and websites, the methods of learning make-up are available to everyone from personal experiences to the methods of international cosmetic experts

Stars are no longer secretly visible today, as Makeup Artist has become very easy through the educational videos of educational make-up, and we are seeing celebrities how to put their daily makeup or celebrity on their personal pages

Who is Makeup Artist?

Makeup Artist is a beauty expert specializing in make-up arts, and can be her main profession any beauty expert working in a salon or have her own beauty salon, or be a makeup artist work as a secondary or hobby, such as artists or broadcasters who love makeup

As the method of putting make-up is an art of art, such as painting, it works to highlight the features of the face and modify them to look more beautiful and clearer

How did you become Makeup Artist?

If you have a tendency to make makeup and a clear learning style, you can become a Makeup Artist by:
How did you become Makeup Artist by simple steps?
 Training on the basics and rules of the art of make-up
Carry out specialized training courses in one of the professional beauty schools
 Follow up on the latest make-up and attending beauty shows if possible to become a good Makeup Artist
 Make educational make-up videos across social networking sites that can make you famous

Here are the basics and rules in the art of makeup:

Face makeup

Deeply clean and moisturize the skin
Apply primer to install makeup and remove skin oils
Choose a foundation that is close to your skin color or darker
Use the concealer to hide dark spots or face pills
Apply face powder to soft velvet skin and firm consistency to foundation cream

Define the eyebrows

Use the stylus to draw the eyebrow
Fill the blanks between the capillaries with a pen, eye shadow, or gel

Eye makeup

Apply light-colored eye shadow to the full upper eyelid
Apply the dark eye shadow on the eyebrow bone and the outer corner of the eye
Drawing with black liquid or gel eyeliner is a winged line above the upper eyelashes
Identify the inside of the eye by black or colored eyeliner if your eyes are small
How did you become Makeup Artist by simple steps?
Apply several layers of mascara or use artificial eyelashes

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