Health and its importance in our daily lives

Health and its importance in our daily lives

Health and its importance in our daily lives


Health is the ideal condition for the physical, mental, psychological and social development of the person so that he is free from any disability, illness or damage of any kind requiring treatment or treatment of a particular medicine. Health is not limited to the body is free of diseases, the best image without any deficiency or laziness in any member or part of the body parts
 In addition to possessing a realistic view of what is going on around him, and enable him to adapt to the external environment and interact with him without any problems or disabilities prevent this happening, as stated by the World Health Organization in the definition of the concept of health, that:
 "Is the state of complete physical, mental and social integrity, not just lack of disease or disability.
 Health aspects the physical aspect, which is all that the human body consists of organs and vital organs in addition to the five senses,
 In addition, physical health is not limited the body free disabilities and diseases, but to include the possession of the ideal weight and keep away from obesity and excess thinness, Skin health, hair, nails, and other things such as sports activity and good physical fitness

 Psychological aspect and its relation to health

 It includes all the emotions in the same person, such as feelings of anxiety, fear, happiness, sadness, and love, and the occurrence of any imbalance in these feelings may make one overshadows the other and cause the cancellation of his presence will disrupt the concept of mental health in the owner.
 Mental, and includes the ideas, beliefs and opinions that are human and are an integral part of his personality, and it is important that these ideas and beliefs remain within the positive path to maintain mental health and comprehensive health, and any imbalance in these thoughts or tendency towards the negative will lead to disorders in health Individual mental

 The social aspect and its relation to health

In addition, includes the words, actions, and actions of the human while interacting with the individuals surrounding him in his daily life, and it is important to enjoy the human words and deeds that enable him to form the various social relations to have social health
 The spiritual side expresses the relationship between man and his relationship with God, which is to achieve the lofty goal that man pursues, to be open to him and to develop his level of creativity and confidence in himself
 These aspects are an integral part of the ideal health that man seeks to achieve in order to enjoy a healthy life and directly connected with each other. If the physical side of disease and bedridden is exposed, it will affect the psychological aspect of generating anxiety and frustration

Promote health

Health and promotion of healthy health and the promotion of proper health education, and continuous and continuous follow-up of the most important necessities of life, but depends on the whole life
 health include the environmental and human characteristics of the daily life of people and the links between these characteristics of relationships such as housing, security, The positive impact on healthy individuals and groups, and their surrounding environment
 And health promotion is: the process of enabling people to increase control over their health and improve them by preventive and therapeutic means at the same time, and to promote health several ways and ways, D benefit all the social fabric


Ways to promote health

Health promotion includes

 Integrated and balanced healthy food at the same time, food that contains essential nutrients such as food
Construction, prevention, energy, and balanced in a moderate combination

 The behavior of healthy treatment methods, based on health

 Awareness and education, and appropriate health education, whether through schools through special and specific lessons, or through health seminars in health centers, or through various media
 Initiating health campaigns from time to time, setting goals for each campaign, such as free medical day work for public medicine, for diabetics and pressure, etc. for teeth and eyes, and so on
 Up and monitoring, particularly with regard to serious epidemiological diseases, such as hepatitis, various types of AIDS and various cancers
 Maintain cleanliness of all kinds, and conduct hygiene campaigns at the community level through schools, universities, and others. Effects of health promotion include the effects of health promotion:
Health and its importance in our daily lives

Building the individual healthy and healthy building

Resisting the structure of diseases

With the element of prevention To achieve happiness and happiness for individuals, living free of diseases is one of the elements and pillars of happiness in life

Health and disease

 Resist infectious diseases, reduce their spread, and benefit from the concept of quarantine
 Creating a clean society free from various pathogens In contrast, the neglect of health promotion in all its aspects and types, severe damage that all pay their consequences, and does not stand in the individual case, where the spread and the incidence of diseases of various kinds, and increase the cost of treatment
 Which disturbs the citizen and society alike Healthy health education, which starts from the family and then at school, and is practiced in the community, is a preventive health factor for most, if not all, diseases.
 It a public national responsibility that must be shared by all in its practice and bearing its consequences, National and community security

Public Health

The general definition of health

 Health defined as the state of the living organism without infected with disease or disease. Health, by definition, includes physical, mental and psychological health. The socialization has recently added to the result of research done in Sweden and the healthy mind of the healthy body

Maintain health

The importance of health to the human being prompts him to take many actions that keep him healthy and healthy, the most important of which are the following:

Health and Food

Keep a healthy and balanced diet
Exercise regularly and focus on walking
Different pathogens and attention to personal hygiene
Sleep for a sufficient number of hours, which enhances the body's activity and gives it vitality
Keep away from eating substances that contain a large number of gases, sugars, and stimulants


Healthy life

 Many people seek to live a healthy and healthy life. However, nowadays it is difficult to cope with the evolution of life in all its aspects, which sometimes negatively affects the right way of life for many people and affects their healthy lifestyle. Many people seek healthy ways of healthy living


Health Tips

 Exercise may resemble a human body that tends to hibernate if it not used for long periods. It increases the inactivity of many diseases, such as obesity, which is responsible for cardiovascular disease, strokes, and osteoporosis. Exercise every day for at least half an hour for exercise. Examples of these exercises are walking
 Which contribute to the activation of blood circulation, protects against the risk of heart disease, and reduces the risk of fractures of the pelvic bones in adults in particular, The Tamari N medium or severe for at least half an hour also, as it reduces the risk of clots of the brain and heart, of cholesterol and blood pressure diseases


Healthy eating habits

 It recommended reducing fast food
Reduce the intake of saturated fats and oils
And the proliferation of proteins, and adhere to diet healthy and balanced, the excessive intake of vegetables and fruits and foods rich in fiber, such as authorities and soups and others
Because of their ability to regulate blood sugar level, drink plenty of natural juices and water, sweetened beverages instead of sugar
 And avoid sweets rich in sugars, and prefer to avoid eating or drinking while standing, or watching television, or before the immortality of sleep directly
 In addition to the need to be committed to eating breakfast every day, eating grilled food instead of fried, while reducing the amount of salt and spices, it should be noted the need to reduce the feeling of tension and try to see the doctor periodically.


Take enough sleep

 Sleep is the primary engine of human activity. It plays a key role in maintaining health, regulating hormones, reducing inflammation, reducing appetite, relieving stress, protecting against depression, stimulating memory, and strengthening it.
From sleep to good health, i.e. at least six hours
Taking care to follow the habits of routine to help sleep
Such as shutting down the curtains, and extinguish the electronic devices, it must
Noted those who do not take enough sleep each day suffer from many problems, like depression, loss of concentration.
Health and its importance in our daily lives
Social communication Care for social life, not to live in isolation away from friends, relatives Note that the development of social relations improves the physical health of the human, and increases the strength of his memory, and protect him from many diseases, such as depression, tension, and loneliness.

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