Gym Exercises for Muscle Building

Gym Exercises for Muscle Building

Gym Exercises for Muscle Building


Gym focuses on building and strengthening the important muscles in the body, which have been highly acclaimed and used by many coaches
 in view of the benefit of the major Gym in the training of basic muscles in the body and maintain fitness and flexibility and to get rid of the pain accompanied and make the form consistent with each other, These are concentrated in the trunk, stomach, back, chest, limbs, and shoulders, as well as the muscles around the spine

Muscle Building

 The Gymnastics Exercise This exercise helps build the muscles of the lower limbs and lower abdomen, as well as its positive effect in increasing the balance of the body, by following the following:
Stand straight, with both hands on the waist, and move slightly between the legs
 Guide the right leg to the back, taking care to extend it as far as possible, and hold it on the tips of the fingers
 Bend the knees downwards so that the right knee touches the ground, and the left knee forms a 90-degree angle.
 Re-lift the body while keeping the right leg stretched out
 Repeat the gym exercise several times in succession with the right leg, then turn the exercise towards the left leg as much
Gym Exercises for Muscle Building

 Roman gym

 This exercise involves building a large part of the body's muscles, including the lower body muscles, back and buttocks, by doing this: standing upright with a little spacing between the legs
 Hold the bar in both hands, with hands attached to the bar at a wider level than the shoulders
Lower the upper trunk of the body, keeping the legs elongated without flexing the knees
 When the trunk directed towards the bottom, guide the arms with a line that goes to the bottom while keeping the bar from the ground
 Lift the upper trunk up until the bar reaches the waist level
 Repeat the exercise several times
 Gym exercises for chest compressions
This exercise focuses on building the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and muscles surrounding them, by following the following:
 (Seat dedicated to exercise( flat
 Bend the knees up with the feet fixed
 Lower the arms in both hands, with the arms at the shoulder level, and bend the elbows upward at an angle
 Extend the arms fully up, and then return them to the first position. Repeat the exercise several times
Gym Exercises for Muscle Building
The gym can also be used to build the big chest muscles, such as the scalp, by making a feather in a slant, while performing the exercise with the same steps

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