Foundations of health nutrition

Foundations of health nutrition

Foundations of health nutrition


Nutrition and food consumption are known in recent years as essential and unique ingredients in maintaining healthy health
  Health Nutrition helps to reduce the incidence of chronic diseases and deterioration of health status

The food chain

 It displays health nutrition, simply explains, and briefly summarizes what we should eat in reference to different types of nutrition
  Among the recommendations: eating a variety of nutrition, preference for low-fat products, low sugar and salt, preference products containing fiber, drinking plenty of water all day, and more

Reduce salt consumption in nutrition

 There is a relationship between excessive consumption of sodium (salt) for diseases - excessive consumption of sodium leads to high blood pressure, a disease in itself has serious consequences for other organs in the body

 National Plan to Reduce Salt Consumption in the World Population

 The plan includes various activities aimed at reaching a consumption rate of about 6 g salt per day for the population, including recommendations on how to reduce sodium/salt consumption
Foundations of health nutrition

Proper consumption of fat

 Among the nutrition that contains fat, it is preferred consumption of nutrition containing polyunsaturated monounsaturated fats found in olive oil, soybeans, maize, sunflower and flax as well as avocados, seeds (sunflower, sesame, and pumpkin), almonds, sunflower nuts
 The consumption of fish, especially oil, such as sardines, trout, salmon, herring, mackerel, and mullet with omega 3 unsaturated fatty nutrition, can be a worthy substitute by referring to the meat meal

Food label

 Marking the product through the food card considered the "identity card" of the product.
 The food label accompanying the marketed food products intended to provide general information about the product, including the type of nutrition, its contents, and its components
 The name of the manufacturer, the country of production (the imported product), the nutritional value of the product
 In addition, the food label shall be marked as the importer's name - the imported product, storage instructions, transportation and usage instructions (as needed)

Whole-wheat mark

 For full bread, the healthy nutrition is great compared to the types of pastry baked from white wheat entwined
 The expected change in whole bread consumption patterns is likely significantly affected public health

The risk of nutrition is very low in calories

 There is a general phenomenon among the public regarding the consumption of very low nutrition menus in energy (less than 500 calories per day)
These menus for nutrition often accompanied by the use of a dietary supplement, which claims to lead to a decrease in appetite and loss of weight
This diet is a health hazard and warns the general public
Foundations of health nutrition

 Women during pregnancy
Health nutrition in pregnancy is particularly important

 The body prepares for the growth and development of the fetus and the process of breastfeeding, and develops tissues of the uterus and placenta and strengthens the process of supplying blood
 The appropriate height in nutrition is beneficial to women's health and fetal health, reduces the risks of complications and contributes to the health of the baby

The Elderly

 Proper nutrition, especially for older people, helps to maintain health and reduce the incidence of chronic diseases

Nutrition contributes to vitality, daily activities, energy, and mood and helps to maintain functional independence

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