Cosmetic tips from makeup artist

Cosmetic tips from makeup artist

Cosmetic tips from makeup artist

For effective aesthetic results, you do not need to do many complex cosmetic things. Some simple makeup artist tips can be very effective if they come from experienced professionals
Here are some cosmetic tips provided by makeup artist:

 Peel lemon to remove nail polish stains

Makeup artist reminds you that if you paint your nails, find some paint points on your fingers, bring some lemon peel, rub your hands, or you can soak your hands with lemon juice to get more white nails and a mask

 Remove excess hair after showering immediately

If you want to get a shiny complexion, the best time to remove your excess body hair is after showering with warm water directly and this is a lot of makeup artist. Warm water will open the pores of the body, making the hair softer and so easy to remove from the roots.

 Do not get rid of orange peel

After frying the orange fruit, do not throw away the crusts, but grind them in the electric mixer and use them as a peeler for the course areas of the body, such as the knees and elbows.
 The vitamin C in the orange peel makes it an excellent peeler to get rid of dead cells in these areas.
Cosmetic tips from makeup artist

 Take a nail care session after bathing

If you are suffering from weak, broken nails, make sure the makeup artist avoids cutting at any time of the day. Scissoring nails and beautifying them with a cooler may break them and crack them if you do not do so in time
 Bathing and soap that blend your nails during shower make your nails even softer, cutting your nails easily without breaking or cracking. Many makeup artists are careful to take care of your nails carefully
Signs of aging with the use of Vaseline are delayed

Vaseline is essential to makeup artist

Skincare is refreshing and changing. Over time, you may find many preparations that outdated compared to other newer, more effective preparations for the skin
 But this rule does not apply to Vaseline, as more time, makeup artist finds other benefits and uses of Vaseline make it one of the most important complementary skin care products
Cosmetic tips from makeup artist

Says some makeup artist

 In addition, the area around the hair and ears and neck by Vaseline magic effect in the protection of skin from the components of hard dye, and staining edges facial skin

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