Beauty standards for women

Beauty standards for women

Beauty standards for women

Beauty standards

 Beauty instinct in women, there is no woman who is not beautiful, but there are women bear the characteristics of congenital clear and visible, and of whom endure internal moral qualities of the beautiful
Which reflected automatically on the outward appearance year for women, to affect each of the offset, and scatters fragrance charm on around her, the article we devoted to the characteristics of congenital phenomenon?


There is a set of standards that met by the scientists to measure the Beauty of women, these standards derived from several studies carried out by these scientists on a group of men
and the agreed majority on Beauty itself, but there was a difference in the ratios developed by men, P Beauty is generally a relative is not clear and precise him scale, The following is a set of standards and criteria that prove that this woman or beauty:

Beauty Natural Unleashed or Vanity:

 The man has a wonderful ability to distinguish between truth and fabrication. He observes the woman with the beauty of the Lord, from the woman who added false additions to look more beauty
 Because natural beauty is always as clear as the sun, while fake beauty disappears quickly and most often men look for women with natural features, attractive looks, and tend to women who adorn themselves with a quiet amount of make-up, commensurate 
with their natural beauty and shows
Beauty standards for women

Long black hair

 Most men agree that long hair is one of the most beautiful qualities of women. It is a sign of youth and constant renewal.
Arab women characterized by their long black hair. It the title of Beauty, Femininity, and Fertility

The smile

 The smile is the title of the beautiful and optimistic hearts, they attract men, and suggest the balance and fun and lightness of their shadow, which is the first sign that attracts men towards women

Softness of sound

 Beauty is the mark of feminine femininity, it is one of the things that govern the man through the woman, and the fine soft voice captures the same man and moves his feelings

Wide eyes

 Women distinguished by this characteristic, which is the first thing men see in women. Wide-eyed women have a great deal of influence in the same man. This does not negate the beauty of small or narrow eyes

Neck length

 Men look for neck length as a beauty feature for women. It is an attractive and charming beauty tag and a desirable feminine sign
Beauty standards for women


 Women's strength and overall appearance are signs of health. Men have a mark and a scale of beauty. Men prefer women to moderate weight, in addition to their noticeable fitness and activity

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