Your hygiene is your confidence

Your hygiene is your confidence

Your hygiene is your confidence 

Hygiene is the mirror of health, and the first condition for self- confidence, in addition, hygiene consists of many rules that should be followed up with awareness.

Health is everybody’s treasure, and the main aim that deserves to be considerate, regardless of the cost, so that, people can deal with different environments without panic.

Some people suffer from «Germaphobia» which is a type of disorders, so the result is to panic and have a phobia that you will suffer from a disease.

Germaphobia’ are the most people taking care about hygiene, however, balance is the point, neither to be panic nor careless.

It’s really so easy, you just have to keep germs away, wash your hands continuously and clean the bathroom by using antiseptic and different detergents, on the same point, children hygiene education is a must because when children’s knowledge begins in that age, hygiene will be a habit.
Your hygiene is your confidence
People must follow some tips when dealing with someone how gets a cold shot, and vice versa, for example, you must forbid physical contact, while getting a cold to prevent others from getting it.

Hygiene in the dictionary is «any activity you practice to keep things clean»
And this can be achieved in several ways such as usual cleaning, and personal wash, which includes facial, oral, and body wash.

Water, also is very important in hygiene, if it is polluted, everything will go wrong and several types of diseases will spread overall.

As germs are not able to be seen by naked eyes and are tiny microscopic creatures, so they can easily live between us and cause infections which destroy our health and then our lives.

Sports as well are the heroin hygiene care, as the body gain power and then immunity goes strong, besides, dieting and being fit.

Wearing clean clothes every day is really one of the most important things considering hygiene.
Your hygiene is your confidence
People usually sums up hygiene in washing hands and take it from a superficial preview, that’s why hygiene awareness culture must spread in the world, especially developing countries, so that we can all face diseases and germs.

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