The role of fitness is important in our overall health for a happy life

The role of fitness is important in our overall health for a happy life

The role of fitness is important in our overall health for a happy life

FitnessFitness and its important 

introduction to Fitness 

The importance of fitness is that it plays a prominent role in human health, personality and psychological characteristics and that the weakness of fitness will lead to negative effects on human health and the emergence of early aging and cardiovascular disease.
In addition to the exercise will lead to strengthening the body and away from diseases and make the human person Fit in society
There is no doubt that the sport leads to strengthening the muscular system directly linked to the bone system
 which are the device of movement combined with the central nervous system and affect the sport as well as the ability and efficiency of both the circulatory system and the respiratory system in addition to avoiding obesity and many of the diseases of the age such as diseases of stress and diabetes and heart Low back pain and even laziness
In general, fitness is the broad base that can serve as the backbone of all sports activities at all stages and is even more important in that it builds upon the mathematical result during competition and racing to achieve advanced athletic achievements

Elements of fitness

For fitness a group of important elements, which are the most important:
Muscle strength

As the athlete cannot achieve any advanced achievement without these elements as shown in the figure above, so must strive to acquire them in a comprehensive and balanced and work to develop and improve, and can divide the fitness into two parts:


It the development of all the elements of fitness that have mentioned and are the basis upon which the particular fitness built


Is the development of some elements of fitness in each particular form of sports, and this means that each game requires a certain kind of fitness elements and this does not mean the preference of the element on the other example weightlifting player need for the element of strength and the player long distances need to endurance and so on
 However, the characteristic of fitness is the use of special exercises in the same direction or motor path used in sports efficiency, and here the specific fitness can define as (the efficiency of the body in the face of the requirements of the particular activity)


 Fitness for a person is the amount of compatibility in his physical state with the elements of fitness and the amount of possession of it and certain measurements
 In addition, measure through many measuring devices and tests. The importance of fitness for the individual helps the individual to form his personality and develop peaceful social and moral values such as spirit, sport, cooperation, discipline, and order.
 Helps the individual to improve his health, and get a harmonious body and beautiful strength and away
from the problems of obesity, heart and muscular system. Helps the individual to express himself and his talents, and control his emotions, and help him to form a self-balanced, self-reliant, psychologically integrated, and feel satisfied with self and pleasure
 Helps the individual to develop his mind; because the skills and sports activities stimulate the mind and expand his perception

 In addition, help him to analyze, perception and thinking. Elements of fitness Muscle strength enables the muscle strength of the human from the confrontation and challenge and carry out activities that require effort and strength, cannot be dispensed with to perform the skills correctly, and there are many factors that affect the strength of muscles, such as:
Type of fiber, size, psychological status, exercise exercises on muscle, nutrition, comfort Speed
By doing physical activity in the shortest possible time, it is very important in speed-based races like running, swimming, climbing, having a close relationship with fitness, and relying on muscle strength and willpower. The speed can increase through repetition, resistance to speed, Training, and group games


 Human fitness controls his movement and his ability to learn and practice movements properly. He also influences the time required to perform movements so that he or she can reduce the effort. The player is not easily tired and flexibility can be gained through continuous training


The athlete is graceful in the event of his ability to reconcile his movements well, helps the ability to perform quickly, and to acquire skills and performance of the motor well, and depends on the nervous system and its safety


The stability of the body when performing movements such as standing on one man or walking on the rope is a key factor for many sports such as gymnastics, achieving rapid response during competition
 Improving the level of performance and linked to physical strength and psychological factors, influenced by several factors such as heredity, Centers of gravity and bases
The role of fitness is important in our overall health for a happy life


 Is the ability of the player to resist fatigue and other stresses encountered during the game, is very important for sports activities that require a long time of work, works to strengthen the will, and depends on several factors, including the state of mind, inheritance and personal habits

Muscular compatibility

Is the ability to perform physical and muscular work depending on the nervous system, as the performance of a group of movements at the same time?

Do you want to be more active at work?
 In addition, be less tired when you go home
What about enjoying candy without feeling guilty?
 If yes, fitness is the solution

We offer you some benefits of fitness

The benefits of fitness strengthen the mental abilities of humans that they not only improve the body

 In addition, it also increases the efficiency of the mind and ratified the statement of the mind healthy in the body healthy as it increases the rate of activity and raise the rates of serotonin in the brain, which increases the clarity of mind and raise the IQ, A human being is more productive than a lazy person is

Felt anxiety and tension

When you start fitness, you melt in every exercise of tension and anxiety all day, aerobics work to relax the body, sport raises the mood and reduces the chances of frustration, and it increases the warmth of the relationship with your partner and your children

Exercise gives you the energy you can be surprised when you learn what exercise does for 30 minutes a day, especially if it is morning. It can change your life. When endorphins released during exercise, you feel energized and tired. You get used to the amount of energy you see
It is not so difficult to find the time for fitness. You have to use the time more wisely. Think about how to catch two birds with one stone, one of us certainly has 10 minutes to run or a quarter hour walk, wake up half an hour before getting in. Warm up and running in place, exercises pressure, abdomen and muscle tension, this will give you the energy of the rest of the day

Build relationships

Think about what might happen to your relationship if you practiced fitness together, sports where a lot of fun and excitement, walking with your partner for dinner, going to work together or getting up early and running together, all add to the marital relationship with joy and love

The practice of fitness

Research has shown that fitness protects against heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar. It protects against arthritis, rheumatism, and osteoporosis and muscle loss. It reduces the symptoms of aging because it strengthens muscles and joints and strengthens the immune system
The role of fitness is important in our overall health for a happy life

Fitness provides the heart with strength

 Fitness is not only immune to diseases, but also from the benefits of fitness. It builds a strong heart.

The most important muscle in the human body

The heart will become a powerful pump that benefits the person at the time of need. The effect of fitness on the heart will appear after only three days. You will need less effort. You feel pain when you climb the ladder or run anymore

The exercise of fitness makes you eat more muscle burns calories more than fat at rest, but you will burn more calories when you exercise, helps you regulate your body shape and burn excess fat and improve the performance of energy consumption

Weight loss is not the ultimate goal Weight loss is a major reason that drives most people to practice fitness, but it is certainly not the only benefit. If you do not find a quick result, you will not stick to it because you practicing it for one goal

If you really want fitness and mental well-being, you have to exercise, and half an hour day is enough and you will feel the result very soon
Moreover, do not wait to change the shape of your body or your weight in days or weeks, but watch your breathing movement watch fitness watch your general mood will be surprised and you will get Amazing results for your body.

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