Health education essential for all countries of the world for a better life

Health education essential for all countries of the world for a better life

Health education essential for all countries of the world for a better life

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The process of education generally refers to the total knowledge that communicated to individuals by the holders of this knowledge for the process of consciousness formation Moreover, to give the individual the ability to be familiar with the topics that concern his daily life. This process includes many behavioral and verbal orientations and practices through which this education may be health, scientific, social, sexual, or educational, and the importance of health education in shaping comprehensive health knowledge that can serve individuals in terms of public health. Resistant Information will be addressed on the importance of health education. 

health education

The ignorance of health medical information and the formation of incorrect health knowledge can have serious consequences through the behaviors that may be exercised against some symptoms due to lack of proper health knowledge
And here comes the importance of health education to transform health knowledge into a practical behavior positively affect the condition, so the importance of health education.

The following:

Maintaining human health through the formation of sound health knowledge that contributes to the alleviation of pathological symptoms and reduces the development of critical medical conditions
Give the non-specialist the minimal knowledge of health that makes him able to deal with common cases, such as fainting, swallowing the tongue, or exposure to fire, or the injury of deep or semi-deep wounds
Reducing the percentage of unhealthy behaviors that cause common conditions, such as wrong ways to lift heavy objects, improper practices associated with sports activity, or some information about what a pregnant woman should do during different stages of pregnancy, and the impact of these behaviors on fetal health. 

The concept of health education here is some information about the concept of health education:  

Health education defined as an integrated process by which people's health awareness formed to increase their ability to practice healthy behaviors that aim to raise the level of public health in individuals and groups
Health education is a cumulative issue. The health information obtained is interrelated and helps to build up further knowledge based on this information so that a person reaches comprehensive health knowledge covering all aspects of the health issues involved
One of the most prominent examples of the issue of health education is what happens in awareness campaigns at the level of schools and universities
 and here highlights the importance of health education, where these campaigns to host specialists and talk about some of the modern diseases that can pose a danger to human health, to be explained the pathogenesis, And ways to prevent them, and how to 
overcome the infection in the case of access to the human body
Health education essential for all countries of the world for a better life

Principles and foundations of health education

Health education aims to enable people to identify their health problems and needs

The goal of health education is to help people to use the best means to improve their health

health education is the process by which we use the means of education and communication to convey to people (individuals and communities) knowledge about disease prevention and treatment so that they can use this knowledge to improve their health and the health of their families and communities
The role of health education in the management of medical waste

By presenting the dangers arising from medical waste, we note that there is a large part of the responsibility in dealing with this type of waste is concerned with the element of health education, which is one of its main objectives are:

  Communicate health information in the right way, especially for social groups at risk of illness or accidents such as medical elements

To provide people with the necessary skills to enable them to participate in solving their health problems and to participate in changing the wrong and correct behaviors, habits, and habits
Health education aims to optimize the health services at the level of the health center and the community. Therefore, health education aims at educational events and not merely for the dissemination of information "health publicity".
 It is one of the basic primary health care components that aims to change the right ideas, habits, and behaviors in society and is described as the cement that links the elements of primary health care
In our experience, studies and questionnaires on solid medical waste, its sources, methods of collection and disposal, we found that there are a great shortage and lack of knowledge of the dangers of medical waste and how to deal with it due to the absence of the role of health awareness by citizens in general and hygiene workers in particular

What are the medical waste points that the health education section should focus on? Definition of pollution in general

The definition of waste types, their types, their usefulness and their degree of severity
Focus on the definition of medical waste, its damage, and its seriousness
Classification of medical waste in terms of risk
Encourage the use of the screening system and the definition of its importance
Explain how to treat medical waste and how to get rid of it
Definition and classification of diseases transmitted by medical waste
Define the concept of infection and is transmitted
Identify the main points of infection control and prevention methods
The work of health posters and pamphlets aimed at conveying health information to the target group

The above points should not be limited to medical staff only but should include all citizens through radio and audiovisual media, as well as health education in forums and schools. These include all categories of society.
 In addition, he is a guest in his house between his family and his children. Here the family should be familiar with the patient and its consequences, and the closest example is a diabetic who may have a contagious disease.
Hepatitis A here should inform the patient as well as the patient that the injection of insulin taken by the patient should be used once for the same patient as well do not place it in a place that is easy for children to access because of its danger

Levels of health education

At the individual level, such as raising awareness about sexually transmitted diseases
At the community level, such as hospital workers, factory workers, school children
Audience levels such as radio and communication

Elements of health education

 A well-informed health expert with the ability to deliver information
  The message: It is the correct information which must be clear and understandable and at the level of the recipient and desirable and desirable and required in the letter to be for achieving the desired goal

Recipient: The target of health education must be determined degree of understanding and culture and if there is a desire to change towards the concept of health correct, and focus when directing the process of health education on the need of the target group and the target person and beneficiary of the process of health education


The problem faced by the community must be examined before the message of 
awareness is given 
Health education essential for all countries of the world for a better life

Means of communication

 It may be directly addressing the person directly and it is positive that the parties exchange the debate on the right information until the realization of the right concept, while we find indirect means of communication such as relying on posters, pamphlets, brochures or through the radio and video.

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