H2O the molecules of life

H2O the molecules of life

H2O the molecules of life

Who can live without water? Definitely no one.

Water is the only thing that all creatures need badly, human, animals, and even plants, besides, human bodies consists of 70% water, in addition, plants need water in photosynthesis in order to eat and grow.

So, water is really the fundamental element in the lives of the world ‘screatures, so it is the greatest grace God gives to us.

We can find water in seas, oceans, rivers, and the Nile, when it comes to us after the desalination process, all of us has been tough that water consists of 2 molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen.
H2O the molecules of life
Although the great importance of water, some people, unfortunately, helps in polluting it with no awareness, so that loads of diseases are found and spread among people.

Most of us consider water as a traditional thing, because it is always among us, but have you ever think about it if you are lost in the desert with no drop of water? It’s really difficult and a non- human, isn’t it?

Water is not only to drink and eat, but it’s also important in sports, like swimming, diving, fishing, and relaxing in different resorts or even having a boat trip.

It’s not a secret that water is exposed to many crises, nowadays, and don’t affect humans, animals, or plants only, it also affects fish, for bad luck.

We must all know that water insecurity is a big loss and a great problem that threatens our stability, that’s why many types of research are made, and more ones are yet to come to be sure that water will be enough for us to live for years, with a consideration of water cycle and movement above the earth and below it, with it’s all stages.
H2O the molecules of life
Water vapor or evaporation also must be taken into consideration, because this process helps in the environmental balance, by cooling the earth’s surface.

The gas that concluded from water vapor is called the greenhouse effect, and it remains in the atmosphere for a short time.

To summarize, water is that liquid that affects our daily activities, and we must take care while dealing with it.

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