Beauty gives women and men the love of life Beauty

Beauty gives women and men the love of life Beauty

Beauty gives women and men the love of life Beauty

Beauty marks in women beauty in women

The beauty standards are different for women and cannot be determined or enforced by certain laws. It is relative. There are those who do not consider beauty to be the basis of form. Rather, it perceived by the personality of the woman as such, but in reality, there is a reality that we all live in and cannot dispute.

A great role in the scale of the beauty of women, whether in marriage or other things, and it is worth mentioning that the beauty of the female is completely different from the standards of men so we will provide the most prominent signs of beauty in women during this article.

The most prominent signs of beauty in women

Hair: The shape and color of hair and length of the first standards of beauty that draws attention to women, and marks of the beauty of women's hair, should be long, soft, and dense, and often prefer to be black.

Eyes and eyelashes

The color of the eyes plays an important role in the standards of beauty, but the black eyes is one of the standards of beauty in women, especially if the eyelashes are long and dense, and cannot deny that the color of green eye and blue have a special luster, but the priority of the black eyes.

The freshness of the skin: The skin free of impurities and problems related to it, such as blackheads or dark spots is the ideal skin based on which called the owner of the name of beautiful women.

The slim body

 A woman who has a harmonious body and graceful is one of the beautiful women, the longer the female weight, the more beauty, and health

Signs of physical beauty in women

It is possible to summarize the signs by which women who are possessed by beautiful women can describe as follows:

The facial features are consistent
Fresh, smooth, grain-free skin
A grain of vinegar, or as called a mole, especially if found on the cheek or over the lips
Black eyes with long thick eyelashes
Long eyebrows drew naturally without the use of eyebrow forceps
The presence of gums on the cheeks, and appear when smiling
Long strong nails
Long fingers are a sign of physical beauty
The slim long neck
Natural choked cheeks
The lips are large or small, but the beauty lies in the consistency of the size of the upper lips with the lower
Beauty gives women and men the love of life Beauty

Signs of beauty in women related to personality

A woman with a spirit of humor combined with rationality, balance, and modesty considered one of the most discriminating women.

Physical beautyBeautySigns of beauty in men

 Some believe that beauty is limited only to women and that attention and care of the body and skin is related only to women, ignoring that men also have to take care of their bodies and use creams for the skin and attention to their elegance
 In addition, since femininity has a special charm on the hearts and eyes, and men have a special charm and temptation, there are signs of beauty in men that girls can resist

Signs of beauty in menThe signs of beauty in men are many things, including:

Length: The height of the most important marks of beauty when a man and gives him a characteristic of prestige
Broad shoulders
The width of the shoulders in men is a distinguishing feature, and a sign of strength, because the thin shoulders are small features of women and not men
In recent times, many men, especially young people, focused on bodybuilding exercises to build muscles and their appearance clearly, due to their knowledge and awareness that these muscles give them an aesthetic appearance and form of youth and strong body
Lashes are long and dense: These types of eyelashes give the man beauty in his eyes is unparalleled

Black skin

This is a feature of men, which distinguish it from the rest of the men in the world, which indicates the strength of men, the intensity, and the mass, so the West began to imitate the beauty of the Arab men by acquiring their skin brown color by exposure to the sun or dye the skin brown
Broad Neck Wide: A beautiful man has a medium and long neck, while a woman's beauty characterized by a long, high neck


Arabs know their soft hair and dark color, with light waves, give it a form of vitality
The sound of the man's beauty is not limited to his outward appearance, but rather to the sound of course sound when speaking
Free grain or mole: It is also a mark of beauty in the man if it is far from the lips and the size is appropriate not very small or very large
 Light and polite hair between the eyebrows
 Chapped and wide lips

Small ear:

A man's beauty marks more than the large ear, where the man is ashamed to shave his hair in a short way so that the large ear does not appear to be defective
 The soft beard, which gives the jaw wide appearance


They give the man beauty especially when they are in the lower half of the chin
 Strength and hardness, and jealousy of the man to his wife and his family
 Gray hair in the head: Especially in the youth period, it increases the attractiveness of men
 The presence of hair on the body: especially on the chest and arms and legs moderately, because thick hair is considered solo and light hair evidence of lack of masculinity.


  All women want to look beautiful all the time and place, but maintaining this beautiful form when waking may be harder than the rest of the day.
Our appearance in the morning depends largely on the sleeping conditions, which should be as healthy as possible to look nicer in the morning, so we offer you some tips that might help you:

Do not drink coffee or eat chocolate before sleeping

Drinking coffee leads to insomnia due to its caffeine content, which makes getting a quiet and persistent sleep difficult. Chocolate also contains a quantity of sugar that turns into energy. It causes the body to stay awake and thus have a coffee effect.

Relax before sleeping

Meditation and relaxation before bedtime will make you enjoy a quiet sleep, as well as relaxation that will reach your facial muscles to look more beautiful in the 

Beauty gives women and men the love of life Beauty

Keep the window open

The presence of a renewed source of oxygen and a moderate temperature is reflected heavily on the freshness of the skin when you wake up, which lack may breathe breathlessly during the hours of collapse.

Do not sleep on the face

Sleep on the face leads to the appearance of temporary wrinkles in the morning, which affects the beauty, and it will accelerate the emergence of permanent wrinkles in
the long term.

Raise the head

Keep your head at a higher level, keeping it at the body level or less, may lead to swelling in the facial skin, or even change in color.

Soft pillow

The soft, texture and non-solid cushion will help you sleep calmly, and will keep your skin healthy without leaving any mark on waking.

Night Creams

Using skin-nourishing creams, you will maintain the beauty of your face when you wake up, even during daylight hours.

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